Terms & conditions of Rentpay.pk is very easy to understand. For posting/taking rental places on rent for travelers and for all those people who love to explore new places to have unique tourism experience, to post your rental places for tourists you have to click the add listing button then fill the details about your rental place which includes hotels , houses, camps / campsites etc. travelers who wants places on rent will visit rentpay.pk available listings and select their required rental place for booking according to their schedule and after confirmation they can stay at their favorite place on rent.

Before using this website you must follow these rules: your age must be 18 years or above also having sound mind. you have legal authority to follow legal obligation. If you are using this website on the behalf of other person then you must inform that person about the Terms of Use for the reservations you have made on their behalf. By making an account with this website you will be responsible of your account information, usage and the information provided by you on this website is 100% accurate, current and complete. We have complete rights to deny access to anyone to this website and its services without notice for any reason as well as in case of violation with terms & conditions of this website. All the members and non members of this website must read the term of use before using this website. After signing up you will become member of this platform. Before payment procedure Members must check all the necessary documents (Id card or passport, ownership papers, license, bank statements character certificates, professional diploma/ certificate etc.) accordingly, which is required to give and take the rental places bases on the set conditions.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: You are not allowed to copy paste, sell, reproduce, publish or use for any other purpose the contents available on this website without our written permission. You are not permitted to make any fake reservation and manipulate the restrictions impose on this website and its services. In any case if your reservation or account shows fraudulent, abusive or suspicious activity. rentpay.pk may cancel your reservation and can terminate your account or may take legal action if required.


All photos must apply the following rules:

Relevant: Your uploading photos must be relevant to the rental items you are willing to offer for your proposed rent price.

Genuine: Always submit only your own photos which are genuine. Do not copy paste any photo from other source which may harm copyright, trademark of any individual or organization.

Don’ts: You are not allowed to submit any photos which are not current, illegal, vulgar, offensive or having any other misbehave character.

Submitting any photos that manipulates the terms & conditions, privacy policies or rights of any individual or organization are prohibited using this website.

Any person who is below 18 years old is not allowed to submit any photo on this website without permission to the members.

Don’t submit any photos or contents which are harmful to the website such as viruses. You are not permitted to submit photos that contains any marketing materials such as ads, logos or any other publicity material.  

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